Welcome to my blog. 

This is Nikita reporting from the other side of the laptop sitting on my bed wearing shorts and half torn T-shirt ( because of fashion) and proudly showing non-waxed arms and legs, open and messy hairs, wearing glasses which rest more on my nose and less on my eyes. As a result, I look like an old granny who makes weird faces to see things/ people properly rather than adjusting her glasses. Okay, I am supposed to be here to write about myself. But sorry to disappoint I don't know how to write a bio because I was a physics student. Anyways, a bit of insight shall be helpful. 

Speaking about myself,

To be very honest, I am hell moody and I get mood swings in less than a second. I am like a mood swing fan that switches from zero to five or even more. A nerd, a bibliophile, a physics lover, shopaholic, an extremely messy person as my bed always remains scattered with books and yes I sleep with books on my bed. Half of my bed remains covered with books and the other half I utilize for sleeping. Sounds interesting no? Trust me. It is. I love to read, can surf the internet for hours, delve into books, review them and weave stories. But when it comes to writing I am extremely moody and I am someone who is against deadlines. I work according to my rules and my comfort. And don't forget I am sarcastic too. But a healthy sarcasm. But ironically a lot don't get that too. Huh. their fault, not mine. 

BTW, few fun facts about me-

  • I started blogging full time in 2014
  • I have been a part of some wonderful anthologies such as " Zest of Inklings" and " Blank Space"
  • I have been a part of many e-magazines also.
  • My blog was also selected for " 15 Topmost relationship blogs in India" by Baggout.

So, if you liked my journey and didn't yawned and felt like slapping me hard you can proceed forward and read some of my stories that are garnished with mood and sarcasm. And yes, most importantly, Do like, comment, share and subscribe to my blog and make your presence felt. 

And I am a social bird extremely active on social media platforms. Feel free to connect with me on Facebook, Instagram, and other mediums. 

Thanks for stopping by.



pasand aaya toh like, share, subscribe karne ka aur dil khush karne ka.!!!


  1. Hey. I rarely read blogs but whenever i see yours i definitely try to read it and in the mid of all yours writings i feel getting goosbumps…u doing very good in this….keep it up…want to see you fly..😊

    Neha Sharma
  2. Thank you so much, Neha. 🙂 🙂 You are the one person who always appreciates me no matter what I write and how I write. Thank you so much for being there. and yes, I will try to write articles that attract you more and make you fall for words more 🙂 🙂

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