I am an overthinker. Or should I call myself a certified overthinker as I have a habit of thinking beyond limits and sometimes unimaginable and totally unrelatable? Thanks to my thinking skills. 😛 😛 😛 I have a sharp mind and that too without eating almonds. But this time I wasn’t overthinking. I was bored with my current wallpaper and hence I was googling up certain images to choose one for my phone. After scrolling for about half an hour and when I couldn’t find any suitable image, I dropped the idea . And just when I was about to log off, I saw this image.

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“Become Who You Are”

I don’t know why but this struck me hard. But isn’t this line true? Isint this we should all be?

Just then I recalled an old conversation I had with my colleague. While moving out of our cubicles he enquired about my well being and other things. Midway through our conversation when we both were discussing life, money, and everything;  he told me that,

Nikita, this world is not for us. People here are disillusioned. They don’t know what they actually want in their life, what their true calling is? How should they live their life? Rather, everybody is running behind money. Everyone is in a race to earn more than one another. Everyone is in a competition to show off their money from the other person. Every person is filled with hatred and is completely into people pleasing and society pleasing. No one has the courage to break the shackles and build their own way. And even if someone tries too, everyone else pulls them down. They pull them down not because they can’t see them growing but because they are fearful. They are cowards. They fear that if this person has dared to do something different then tomorrow more people will follow their dreams and more people will start working towards it. At that time, we will be of no value.  and hence, they want to be on a safer side. Hence, they all pull them down with utmost force. This is the reason that in today’s world we are not living our dreams. We are living our fears. Therefore, one should be daring enough to make his or her own way even if it includes fighting and be a loner. Because if this is the only way to achieve your dreams, and to be yourself then feel free to do it. Because the people including family and friends who truly love you will eventually support you no matter what. Unconditional love does not become a barrier in between dreams, passion and one’s way of living; instead, it makes way for them”.

After he finished, we exchanged few smiles, bid each other goodbye and came back home.

I came back home and got ready. For it was the big day for one of my bestie. She was getting married. After years of struggle, they finally managed to make everyone believe in their love and hence it was the time of celebration. Everyone got dressed up in their best attire for her big day. And as usual, after reaching on the venue, the first thing we did was clicking pictures. Afterall, we got ready for pictures. Clicking pictures is our right and we should not waste it. Afterall, we are a responsible citizen. 😀 😀 😀 😛 

After the function got over, and everyone came back to their respective places; started the round of sharing pictures on WhatsApp. A group was made especially for sharing wedding pictures. And trust me when I say this that we shared 758 pictures in total for one wedding and we have a group of 7 super awesome girls. Just imagine.

However, at night when everything came to an end and I was lying in my bed comfortably keenly observing each and every single picture, I wasn’t able to select one best picture. Every picture seemed to be best in itself capturing different emotions. 

However, as I share a picture of our group which is my personal favorite for it includes each one of us ( except one), our beloved tea,  and our beautiful smiles. And while writing this,  I reminisce everything;  the above quote, the past memories of this wedding and incident. How beautifully everything is related to each other.  

As I have said earlier that I am an overthinker and an introvert. Therefore, I don’t get along very well with everybody. But these girls. They are my favorite. I suffered so many ups and downs but one thing that remained constant was my squad. My girls. Till today, they all are standing with me holding my hand making me believe that they are with me no matter what happens. These people made me understood the true meaning of friendship and yes, with them I wear no mask. I am Myself. I become who I am. And that is the best part. And this is the reason my smiles are the purest when I am with my girlfriends. And yes, we are dangerous( please call us concentrated nitric acid)  when we are together. So, beware. 🙂 🙂 🙂 

The above picture is not perfect but our smiles are perfect. But whenever we all are together we enjoy more just like the new Mobiistar which aims to provide you more enjoyment without compromising with anything. And yes, the new Mobiistar aims at giving users a meaningful selfie experience provided with their front, dual selfie camera that captures a 120° wide-angle shot.

This means that we can now get more of the picturesque background into the frame and not have to worry about fitting in everybody either. In addition, my friends need not use any camera application for clearer pictures. LOL 😛 😛 😀 😀 😛 😀 


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