Hello, I am Nikita Ranga. I belong from the city of Khawaja Garib Nawaj; Ajmer (Rajasthan).  I am a science graduate but was never interested in studies neither I had an aim of getting through IIT’s and to become an engineer like many of my classmates and other science students. I used to read story books keeping them inside text books.Also, whenever, i used to go for holidays, i used to ask my father to get one story book from the wheeler on the station and used to finish it off within an hour. ( champak, nagraj, chacha choudhary, chotu motu were one of my favourites). And for this passion of mine, I write and read. I am a voracious reader and a moody writer. I do not write daily. All depends on my mood. Most of my creations strike my mind in night. I mostly write at midnight. It’s the perfect time for me to write. Thoughts strike to me at 12’.Also, most awesome thoughts come to my mind when I am in bathroom. Little silly and weird, but yes it’s true. People call me mad and I accept. Yes, I am Mad. I used to write short stories from long ago but never thought it to take them as a passion and career. It seems too silly to people. They feel that this cannot be taken up as a profession. And is a mere time pass. But, Writing for me is never time pass. It is my soul, my life and my love. I cannot live without reading and writing. To satisfy my writing cravings, I started  blogging few months ago. I write my thoughts there. My blog deals with human feelings. It deals with pain, hurt and try to take readers to a different world where a reader can feel all emotions of life and can also come to know the truth of life.  (Happiness, pain, hurt, loss and everything). I chose this because love  and relationships are too common now a  days. Its time to throw light on the topics which need to be understood. Topics which need discussions. Topics through which readers can come to know the truth of life. Topics through which readers can relate themselves. Apart from writing, I love cooking. I love experimenting new things in my kitchen. Sometimes it come out awesome and sometimes a disaster. But, no problem. There is no age for learning and trying new things. Well, I am a different kind of person. I do not hangout much outside. Instead I love sitting in my room reading a book or sitting on terrace listening my special playlist which I love the most.Also, I do not interact much with people as I speak less. After all, there is a great saying, ” Speaking is silver but silence is gold” And I love gold. 😛 My friends say that I am typical. But every person is different in her own way and so am I . I can spend hours and days sitting at home and watching TV, reading books, writing and cooking new recipes. Not a single moment I will feel the urge to go out. Also, I and my mother share a very special bond. She is my oxygen. We do not need words to express. Facial expressions are enough for us to understand each other’s feelings.  I wish to get her as my mother in every life I get. Well, I can spend days introducing myself and my relation with my mother. But limiting myself to this much only. If you want to know more, then connect with me through my blog. My blog Address is https://nikitaranga10.wordpress.com/ Connect with me on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/nikita.ranga Connect with me on twitter https://twitter.com/NaughtyMogli

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  1. Welcome to the blogging world Nikita, you are not weird at all. Inspiration strikes when we are relaxed and alone. A shower is the perfect place 🙂 I cook a lot of stories in the shower too..


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