A human heart is limited to only five things, i.e. shabd, sparsh, roop , ras gandh. These five things are the solely responsible for a human’s complains to God.

Think once, Aren’t our mind limited to only these five things. We all are running behind these five things only. We only want to keep our heart happy. And hence when its demands are not full filled, we start questioning god.

Why? Why to question? Are we so much dependent on our heart that we cannot control our demands and start questioning and cursing God for not giving mere things which our heart desires for.

Life is far much more than these five things. Life is a truth which we all need to understand. We all need to understand that these five things are mere obsession of heart.

Nobody wants to see a death. Or a dead body. But everybody wants to attend a marriage and want to go in parties and chill out with friends.

Why? Because our heart likes only good things. And life is not about good things. It is about facing the realities’ and accepting the truth.

We all know that everybody has its own karma and our present life is the result of our karma in previous life. Despite knowing this fact we still have complains from God, we raise questions to God. Why? Does he need to answer all our questions?

Rather than questioning God, question yourself, question your soul. Decide what exactly you want. Give time to yourself. Know your soul first. The day you will completely understand yourself and your demands will be the day you will never question God.

Remember, God is not responsible for our life. We are responsible. SO, to lead a happy life, make your karma more positive, understand life & stop running behind the demands of your mind. Have control over yourself & see the magic created.  

Blessings …!!!!

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  1. looks nice… five things are mere obsession of heart But without those things life becomes meaningless… in the same way running behind those things also seems insane. In my view good and bad , deppression and ecstasy all should be in right dose for joyous living …. God has created everything for us to enjoy everything and in each moment rather complaining about ill feelings questons our reliance over God … see the magic created

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