Title- Invisible Ties

Author- Adya A. R.

Pages- 266

Publisher- Rupa Publications

Genre- Fiction



Cover- 4/5

Blurb- 4.5/5

Writing Style- 5/5

Overall- 5/5



As Karachi burned in the 1990s, the painfully shy Noor Kamal found refuge in an antique jade mirror she stole from Daisy Kamal, her social butterfly mother. One fateful day, the violence hits home as a motley crew of burglars storm the Kamal residence, killing Joseph, the faithful driver who tried to shield Noor and kidnapping Daisy.

Traumatized by the turn of events and succumbing to familial pressure, Noor reluctantly agrees to start life afresh in Singapore as the wife of Meekall Kalim, an investment banker. Trapped in a loveless marriage, Noor finds succor in studying psychotherapy.

Her attempt to heal others bring her closer to Ella, her neighbour, and Jake, a handsome American who is struggling to deal with his emotional breakdown. As she tries to exorcise ghosts from the past and break free from the shackles, where will this quest take Noor?

would she be able to liberate herself from her strong cultural values and ties?

A saga of love and longing, against a rich contrasting background, Invisible Ties is sure to appeal to readers.



The story revolves around Noor; the protagonist and her journey from Karachi to Singapore stopping at London in midway. Noor is forced to marry Meekaal and start her life again. But does marrying Meekaal really help Noor in living her life and bringing it back on track? The story is highly relatable as it portrays the other side of society and finding marriage as the last option to everything. Engrossing story with well-developed characters and simple yet intriguing writing style keeps the reader engrossed till the end.

Also, the transition of Noor from Karachi to London and then to Singapore is narrated in a beautiful way. The narration of cultures is commendable as it makes the book more engrossing.

Beautiful story wrapped in descriptive writing style, good narration as an icing makes it a perfect read for monsoon season. Grab a copy and travel through the world with this beautiful book.

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