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Title- Mango People in Banana Republic

Author- Vishak Shakti

Pages- 237

Publisher- The Write Place Publishers

Genre- Fiction



Cover- 4/5

Blurb- 5/5

Writing Style- 4.5/5

Overall- 5/5



Ravi Bhalerao is a top of the rung business strategy consultant struggling with two disquiets in life- a festering career disillusionment and a festering wound in his posterior. Stung by an unfair performance appraisal, he pulls off an outrageous stunt at his workplace, drops off the urban map and reaches his ancestral land, a village in drought-prone Vidarbha. There he encounters India in its elemental form. Convinced that his destiny is somehow entwined with that of his country, he sets off on a truth-seeking mission. On that mission, he finds love, revolution and most importantly, a redemption for the disquiet in his rear.

Anand is a former physicist on a spiritual quest through esoteric India. He realizes that the path to realization is beset on all sides by gurus, their cults, and their boundless quirks. As he hops from one ashram to other, he grows convinced that liberation does not come with a user manual in a neat little box.

Wrapped in light-hearted, almost tongue-in-cheek prose, Mango PEople In Banana Republic is a tale of an Indian’s search for personal identity, against the backdrop of a country divided along fault lines of countless social identities. Teeming with a cast of characters and ideas that encapsulate modern India, The tale ascends from the gross to the sublime, much like the Kundalini powers some aspire to acquire. With a steady pace, gentle mocking humor, this book is an absorbing read and a laugh.



The story revolves around Ravi who works as a strategy consultant in a leading form and Anand who is on a journey of finding his own self. Good plot tied into an insightful theme. The book is divided into seven chapters according to the seven chakras of the human body. Well developed dynamic characters that evolved by the end of the story. Descriptive writing style with audacious tone made the book more gripping. Additionally, the perfect combination and well-maintained balance between humor, spirituality and other emotions are remarkable. The book explains part of corporate culture, village culture, and life in ashrams that makes it a perfect and gripping read. I felt some resemblance with SRK’s Swades ( 2004 film). In both cases, the protagonists leave his high paying job and come back to his native village and help them to evolve making their lives simpler. In this process, he discovers himself and attains self-satisfaction. Afterall, life is all about self-discovery. And this book is all about discovering your own self. Kudos to the author for penning down this beautiful book.


We all love spicy food but sometimes we need a simple yet delicious food that satisfies all our cravings. And a simple cheese Margherita pizza is one such thing. A perfect combination of cheese and veggies with perfect taste to satisfy taste buds. Therefore, Mango People in Banana Republic is one such book that promises to satisfy your reading buds.


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