Hello everyone,

Hope you all are fine. But definitely, I am not. I am damn sure that this will be the last blog post of this activity. In the past few days, I was super busy with my sister’s wedding and the hamper came during that time. Today is the last day of submitting the entry and hola, I am here.

Sorry for being late but still I have few hours.

So, let’s rock on.

Okay, first of all, this activity came at a very right time. Just when we got free from the wedding, my home was filled with a lot of kids and therefore this activity came as a blessing to them. See the happiness in Manu’s eyes.


First of all, there was a fight between the two kids regarding the opening of the hamper.

After many tricks, I somehow managed to open and cut out the pieces with utmost care.

After that, along with the kids, I too was super excited to create magical and super interesting stories.

So, here is what my kids brewed.

Let’s hear them out.


Chikki and Manu came from school and started narrating how their teacher taught about astronauts, space etc in school. Now, Chikki and Manu too want to be an astronaut. But, due to exams coming near, they are not allowed to be an astronaut and hence, their mother forcefully made them sleep. But, dreams do haunt and same happened with these kids. Here they go.


Chikki and Manu are at the space station in their rocket waiting for it to leave. Meanwhile, Chikki teases Manu by giving him a notorious smile. The rocket is now ready to take off. And the countdown begins- 1,2 and-and-and and-and-and 3… Shoooooo….. The rocket has taken off and is off to space. As they land in space, they see a lot of planets revolving.


Chikki- Manu, This is interesting.

Manu- See Chikki, This is the sun. And see there it is the venus, Saturn, Jupiter, and others.


Chikki- Yayy Manu, enjoy. the space is amazing.

Manu- Chikki, wait, let’s get out and enjoy here sometime.


In the meanwhile, they both see a UFO coming their way. Chikki and Manu got terrified. The UFO came and stopped nearby. One alien stepped out of the UFO.


Since Chikki has a bossy attitude and she always scolds all her elder brother and sisters. Therefore Chikki decided to go and fight with the alien.

Chikki took her gun and went near to the alien.

Chikki- Who are you alien ?

Alien- I am not an alien. I live on Mars.

Chikki- You are an alien. Go away. Alternatively, I will shoot you. Shoo , Shoo, shoo….

Alien- Don’t get scared. I will not do any harm to you.

Manu in the meanwhile who was hiding behind Chikki came forward.

They all three smiled and became friends. Aline told them about his planet and Chikki – Manu told them about the planet Earth.

The alien then helped them to go to their destination and they both hoisted the flag.





As soon as the flag hoisting was done. Chikki started shouting and threw her leg away. It got into the air and hit into Manu’s stomach. Manu got awake and scolded Chikki. Chikki came out of her dream of being an astronaut. And as usual, they both started fighting.

I do not know that whether I expressed their emotions well or not. However, I enjoyed a lot with them. In addition, thank you, Colgate, for coming up with such awesome ideas that enhance the creative side of kids and helps in learning.


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