I am not a good cook, but I am a great foodie. Every time my brother watches me eating something, he says, “You’ll be a buffalo one day and no one will marry you”. But who cares. I do not want to get married. I am happy being single, taking pleasure in eating different varieties of food. I am a foodie and I will continue to  a FOODIE, no matter what.

Few days back, I was surfing the internet and was searching some important information about my work.  Meanwhile my friend pinged me up on the most popular thing on mobile these days, i.e. WhatsApp. As I checked up the message, it was something like this

Hey sweetie, look I have found something good for you. And I am sure after checking this, you are going to take me to dinner tonight and paying bills and there was a link below the message. ”. I was aghast.  In no mood to check the link she sent me, still I opened the link without knowing the reason. May be because we are Indians and we feel the urge to check each and everything which our friends send us. I clicked on the link and the page got directed to an application named TINYOWL.


Damn. I scanned the page meticulously and was startled. I danced in cheer and watching me going mad, my brother came up to me and threw the pillow on my face and went away.  How rude that was. I came back to my senses.

You must be thinking that I am joking, but trust me, I am damn serious.

You want to know the reason Seriously, huh, still I need to give reasons after exploring this wonderful app. How dumb people are on this earth… Hey Bhagwan, utha le…: P: P

Okay, Okay, be serious which I am least. But I will tell you the secret behind my crazy dancing.

I am a person who least goes out.  I can sit at my home and eat a pizza and can watch back to back movies or can sit at my terrace watching the beautiful view of Aana Sagar Lake without getting bored. I get exhausted when I go out. I know this sounds weird but I am this way.

People freshen up by going out but I get freshen up through above mentioned ways. But to do those, a PIZZA is a must. And ordering a pizza is a tough task for me. At least for a person like me.  There are a lot restaurants in my city and I want to try each type of pizza.

Whenever I have an urge to eat a pizza, I always need to do a lot of hard work in which I am least interested. A super lazy creature I am.

But ever since I have discovered this amazing TINYOWL – food ordering app. My life has become a lot simpler.

I have downloaded the application on my 3-year-old phone and has started enjoying.

So, it’s very simple. Even Changu has downloaded it and has understood.

CHANGU, ohh, he is a 5-year-old boy in my neighborhood.

Chalo Demo shuru karte hain…

Download the TINYOWL app from the given link- https://www.tinyowl.com/

Check out the app features-


  1. Minimal Interface– They cut through the clutter to give you a simple tactile and efficient interface to get your favorite food home.
  2. Location Detector– the WIDE EYED OWL will automatically DETECTS YOUR Location.
  3. Restaurants– The search results will give you a list of restaurants to choose from.


  1. Payment Options– It provides you an easier way to pay your bills. You have a credit card, and debit card. NO problem, pay easy and eat a lot.
  2. Saved order History– the OWL is very smart. I told you. It keeps track of all your orders if you need to order something again which you ordered a month back when you were on a date with your neighbor Shieela Aunty. 😛
  3. Best Delivery Time– They gives you best deliveries.

Happy to know about tiny OWL?

No?? Want more?

Check this out

Download the app and register and you can get 100% cash back on your first order. if you are ordering from your mobile app. Isn’t that fantastic?



Pay only for the food you order, and no fees for TinyOwl.

Also, people interested in food industry, can have a change to bag a post (job) in tinyOwl.

Ohh I know, I know, you don’t trust me that’s why I come with all proofs. Have a look- https://www.tinyowl.com/careers.html

Last but not the least, Tinyowl is presently serving in selected cities i.e. Bangalore, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Pune, &  Hyderabad only. I just hope that they each to Rajasthan very soon.


Android users can download this amazing app from the following link- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.flutterbee.tinyowl

Ios users can download this from the following link-  https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/tinyowl-food-ordering/id916154166?mt=8/

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