Enjoy monsoon season with the most beautiful,  amazing, fun-loving, adventurous, kind-hearted  ANJALI KRIPALANI…  Yellow is her favorite 🙂 😛 😀 . She is my personal favorite and a perfect example of beauty with brains 🙂 🙂 . She looks  damn gorgeous 🙂 🙂

Let see what she has to say about her new release ” Written in the stars”  🙂 🙂 

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Q1. Describe Anjali Kirpalani in 5 words.

Ans. Adventurous. Fun. Optimistic. Hardworking. Restless.

Q2. When did you decide that you want to be a writer? & what would you be doing if you was not a writer?

Ans. I used to write freelance articles, short stories and poems when I was in college but I never thought I’d become an author. It was in 2010, when I started writing ‘Never Say Never’ that I started believing that I could be a full-time writer. I get bored easily so even now I run a PR consultancy in addition to writing. I’ve been a TV anchor and RJ and really enjoyed those jobs. So if I wasn’t a writer, I’d definitely be in the media-anchoring or being on radio!

Q3. What does your latest book “written in the stars” is about. What the plot says?

Ans. Written in the stars is about a twenty-seven-year old girl from Mumbai who’s searching for her true calling. Ananya Jhangiani has had more jobs than she can count on two hands. The black sheep in a family of overachiever, she flits from job to job unable to find the career that will grab both her attention and her heart. A debacle at work brings her career crashing to the ground and at the same time, she finds out that her one true love, her ex-boyfriend, is going to get hitched very soon. Ananya is distraught. An impromptu plan sends her to New York to visit her brother. There she meets Sameer, a dashing guy with a dark past, who seems to like her as much as she does him. Will Sameer be her knight in shining armor? Or is he the one in need of rescuing? Will the trip inspire Ananya to find her true calling? Are our lives Written in the Stars? Ananya is all set to find out…

Q4. How did you keep up balance between personal life and your writing life?Ans. My personal life influences my writing. I’m quite sociable so I enjoy going out and meeting new people. After I write a book, I generally take some time off from writing I travel, read books and clear my mind before I can get started on a new book.

Q5. What difficulties you faced while writing your first book, “Never say never”? In addition, did those mistakes helped while writing, “Written in the stars”.

Ans. I had moments of self-doubt while writing Never Say Never; I would wonder if the book would get published. Because of this, I procrastinated quite a bit and it took me two years to write it. However, I was much more disciplined while writing Written in the stars. I knew what to expect and so I finished writing the book within six months.

( six months :O :O :O haillaaa, ladki hai ya remote :O :O )

Q6. Why this title? There are many others too?   

Ans. Because the protagonist of the book, Ananya, is so lost, she seeks answers from the cosmos. She visits astrologers and tarot readers and she checks her horoscope, hoping to find some guidance. Destiny is a major theme of the book since the message at the core of the book is ‘everything will come together eventually. What’s meant for you will find its way to you.’ Every chapter in the book is named after an astrological or tarot term. So, this was the most apt title for the book.
Q7. How did you define “writing Block”. Did you suffer writing block while working on both your books?

Ans. It’s normal to experience writer’s block. After ‘Never say never’, I felt like I had used up all of my material in writing that book. I wondered if I had anything new to write. This is the time when I took a break; I traveled and allowed myself to search for inspiration. The idea for ‘Written in the stars’ came to me and it all came together after that.

( bahut ghumti hai re yeh toh :O :O aur wo bhi akele, bahut nainsaafi hai 😛 ) 
Q8. What is your style of writing?

Ans. I like experimenting with my style of writing. Though Never Say Never is a first-person narrative from Nikita, the protagonist’s point-of-view, there are chapters in the book written from other characters’ perspectives. These chapters from other points-of-view were loved by readers. Written in the stars is also a first-person narrative but the book has time jumps. This nonlinear writing style has been appreciated by readers of Written in the stars. Both the books are written in a very realistic manner and humor plays a key role in both books.

( yeh toh mera naam churaya hai 😛 ) 
Q9. What points you keep in mind while writing a book to make its content a best one?

Ans.  I write books that I would enjoy reading. I ensure that my writing is crisp. I hate it when books have long descriptions and are slow. So I move the story along at a quick pace. I would hate to have a reader lose interest in the plot.

( waah, ekta kapoor ki behen lagti ho , fatafati.. 😛 😛 ) 
Q10. Is there any similarity between the plot of both your books and both are completely different from each other? Reason please.

Ans. Both Never Say Never and Written in the stars are about female protagonists in their 20s who live in Mumbai. However, the plots and characters are completely different.
Q11. Finding a good publisher is the most difficult task for writers these days. Would you like to give some advice on how to choose a good publisher for their book?

Ans. Do research. All the information you need is online. Google can be your best friend! See the kind of publishers that are publishing books in your genre. Start with the best first. If the best reject you, explore newer publishing houses that have a good track record. There are many new publishing houses looking for good books to publish. As a first time author, the idea is to get your book out in the market. So you can’t be too picky. But do get a lawyer to check the contract offered to you by a publishing house.

Q12. Tips you would like to give to aspiring writers.


–          Believe in yourself

–          Practice. Write short stories. Write articles. Work on your craft.

–          Don’t procrastinate. If you have a story idea; get started. The sooner you start, the sooner you will get published!
Q13. Write a 100 word drabble using the following words beach and pillow. (No thinking, write instantly whatever comes to your mind).


I long to lie on a beach somewhere,

Have the wind blow through my hair,

The sand will be my pillow, the waves my bed,

I’ll rest my heart for some time, and give some rest to my tired head,

I’ll close my eyes and smile,

I’ll thank the Universe for my life,

Oh wait, I can do that wherever I am,

I don’t need to be on a holiday to be happy,

I don’t need to run away from my life,

Life can be a vacation every day,

If you just use your imagination.
Q14. Why readers should buy your book.

Ans. Because my books are fun! They’re realistic stories with relatable characters. They’re slice-of-life novels that will make you laugh, nod in agreement and believe in the magic of life.
Q15. Any plan for new book for your readers?

Ans. I’m working on my third novel now. My first two books were about life in your 20s. For my third one, I’m revisiting my college days. The protagonists will be teenagers and it will be set in a University.


  1. Nikita or Anjali- It doesn’t matter because Nikita is highly inspired by me!

( apan dono pichle janam ki behene. tabhi main sochu, itni intelligent kaise main 😛 😀 😀 ) 

  1. Restaurant or dhaba– Restaurant. While dhabas have yum food, I’m a germaphobe and I constantly question the hygiene at dhabas!

( yeh dekho, vilayaati mem 😛 😀 ) 

  1. Ferrero rocher or Nestle alpino – Ferrero, hands down! ( same pinch 🙂 ) 
  2. Your thinking spot The shower! I have some of my best ideas there! ( same pinch 🙂 )
  3. Name two things from your bedroom which define your personality The shiny disco ball hanging up in my room and the snowglobes and other curios from the places I’ve travelled.
  4. Your dumbest purchase till date A pair of stilettos. They’re pretty but oh so uncomfortable. I should have returned them but I got lazy and didn’t go back to return them! So now I try and wear them every once in a while to justify the purchase but the price I have to pay is that my feet kill me the next day. ( aur udo fashion me , 😛 😀 😀 ) 
  5. Favorite author and genre I have too many favorites. But Jane Austen remains an all-time favorite. I’ve always loved reading chick-lit/ Contemporary fiction.
  6. Indian or Western  I like a bit of both-be it clothes, food, travel, books, TV shows, movies or people!
  7. Suppose if for one day, you could borrow a genius brain, whose brain you would like to borrow Mark Zuckerberg
  8. Are you superstitious– A little!
  9. Are you a day/night writer– Night ( phir se same. :O :O ) 
  10. Most expensive thing you’ve got till date My engagement ring! ( 9 lakh ki ring hai wo, sab pta hai mujhe 😛 😀 ) 
  11. If given a chance to invent, what would you like to invent A mind reading machine. I would love to know what’s going through peoples’ minds!
  12. What writer you want your biography to be written I admire and look up to Vikram Seth so to have my idol write my biography would be a dream come true.
  13. What is the silliest question you’ve been asked till date I grew up in South Africa. And when I moved there when I was 12, my classmates seriously asked me if we all live in poverty in India and how I could speak English so well! ( hahahha, bhaartiya jnata, dusre me taang adana nahi chodegi 😀 😀 😀 ) 


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TWITTER ID- anjalikir. I’m also on Instagram on the same id.

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