On the auspicious  occasion of Guru Purnima, meet a very special person. A girl  who itself is a complete roller coaster. She is bubbly, emotional, loving, humble, helpful and a good writer of course. Meet Barkha Parikh as she talks about her new poetry collection, “ Pearls that shone in dark” dedicated to her mentor.

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Q1. Describe Barkha in 5 words.

Ans. Over-emotional, kind, loving, foodie & cold coffee addict. ( ekta kapoor aap hi ko dhundh rahi kab se 😛 😛 ) 

Q2. Despite being an I. T. engineer, why you chose writing?

Ans. Writing is my passion. It gives satisfaction to my soul. It is a way I can convey my emotions through it as I am not that good as an orator. And that’s only due to my mentor “Ms. Arti Ohri” who asked me to channelize my emotions in a correct way.

11798083_475461345965061_620248520_nMs. Arti Ohri

Q3.You own a blog, “U, me &Coffetalks” and it has crossed over 70000 views. How it feels when you see readers connecting with you?Also, what kind of posts are on your blog?

Ans. It feels great. There was a time when I was longing for an ear to listen to me. But my mentor suggested me to write so that I get not one but thousand listeners. And that’s what I got. My posts are usually on our day to day life incidents in which we overlook very small small yet tender and important emotions.

Q4. What is your style of writing? Would you like to experiment in your writing style?

Ans. My writing style? I just write directly from heart with no emotions unnoticed. That’s all.

Q5.”To touch many hearts and enlighten many souls”. Why this concept in writing?

Ans. Because I have seen people overlooking very small-small gestures and the emotions attached to it. So just wanna make the readers pay heed to those gestures and relations and emotions and thereby touch many hearts and enlighten many souls. And the logic behind that concept is “What Goes Around, Comes Around.”

( deep wala gehra thought 😛 🙂 ) 

Q6.Recently you have come up with a poetry book “Pearls that shone in dark”. What the book is about? 

Ans. The book is a collection of 40 poems which I have dedicated to my mentor as a token of gratitude on this Guru Purnima. It’s a way of showing thank you to her but I believe even 40 poems are not enough to express my gratitude.
Q7. AS you said, the book contains poems dedicated to your mentor and teachings of Bhagwad Gita. Why this concept?

Ans. It doesn’t contain teachings of Bhagwad Gita. I have said that the principles taught by Lord Krishna to Arjun became Bhagwad Gita. In the same way, my mentor has taught me principles of life,career, love, relations, and all in totality. And those teachings became the pearls that enlightened my path when I was succumbed to darkness.

Q8. What are your views on “sponsored views”?

Ans. If your pen has the ability to touch the hearts and enlighten the souls, you don’t need sponsored views.

Q9. Every blogger has at least one favorite blog post. Name yours and Why?

Ans. Ya mine is “Candy-bar Angel” by me. Again,because it exactly explains how my mentor entered my life as an angel and nurtured it. Here is the link to it


Q10. If someone is interested in blogging, what would be a few things you would suggest? 

Ans.  Just write from your heart.. Let your emotions just flow in the form of ink when you are high on emotions and it will be the best blogspot ever.

( high toh peene ke baad hote 😛 😛 😀 😀 ) 

Q11. Tips you would like to give to aspiring writers?

Ans. I am too naïve to give tips. Infact, I myself am looking for tips. But still all I can say is Believe in Yourself and Make your Emotions your Strength and not your Weakness!

Q12. Write a 100 word drabble using the following word- teaching & preaching.

Ans. They say Practice before you Preach. But not all of us do that. We all are preaching and teaching lots of things to others while we see them in trouble. But we fail to implement or practice same preachings or teaching when we are in a soup. Teachings and Preaching are easy to be delivered but very difficult to be taken. I believe when you are in a storm, only a person who can truly preach or teach you can get you to the shore.All it takes is to lend a hand, so please do it.


  1. Pencil or ink- Pencil (helps you rectify mistakes if you are willing to) ( waaahh, kya logic hai 😛 😛 ) 
  2. Writing to you is– Passion
  3. What would you prioritize? Content, Traffic or readers – Content
  4. Your thinking spot- My bed ( PK ke gola se ho ka :P:D ) 
  5. Name two things from your almirah which define your personality– Idol of Ganpati and books.
  6. Your dumbest purchase till date– A yellow purse ( yellow yellow dirty fellow) 
  7. Five things which you always carry in your purse– Pencil, Diary, Kajal, House keys, Mobile.
  8. Date of First blog post– 12th July, 2012
  9. Suppose if for one day, you could borrow a genius brain, whose brain you would like to borrow- Late. Indira Gandhiji

( kaahe, rajneeti me kahe nahi jati aap 😛 ) 

10. Spiritual or superstitious– Spiritual

( achaa, aaj raat so ke btana, so paao toh 😛 😛 ) 

  1. Are you a day/night writer– Night writer for sure.
  • Most expensive thing you’ve got till date- The thing that money did not buy and yet made me rich (My Pet – Ginger)

( hain,,,,, ginger… adrak kyu nahi,, kaata nahi na wo islie 😛 😛 ) 

  1. If given a chance to invent, what would you like to invent– Time Machine
  • Favorite  writer-  Novoneel Chakraborty and Ravinder Singh and Vinit K. Bansal(without any doubts).
  • What is the weirdest question you’ve been asked till date- “We don’t publish poetry collection. Why do you want to write so many poems?” ( no comments 😛 😛 )


Get in touch with this beautiful soul through following addresses.

MAIL ID barkha84@gmail.com

BLOG ADDRESS-http://www.coffeetalkwithbarkha.blogspot.in

FACEBOOK ID– https://www.facebook.com/barkha.parikh.16



All The best Barkha for your book 🙂 🙂 We wish you success. May you attain more heights 🙂 🙂

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