We all have seen many authors’ who are also mother’s. But I  guarantee, no one have seen a lady like her. Despite being  a lady with golden heart and humble nature , she is also a perfect wife, perfect mother and  a perfect friend.

Meet The most talented KORAL DAS GUPTA, the author of ” Fall Winter Collections” and ” Power Of Common Man”. 🙂 🙂


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Q1. Dscribe Koral in 5 words?

Ans. Bookoholic, Impatient, funny, organized, fit.

Q2. When did you decide that you want to be a writer? & what would you be doing if you were not a writer?

Ans. I never thought I’ll be a writer. It just happened. Before I became a writer I was teaching, working as a marketing consultant, helped fiction and academic publishers in the editorial space. I still do these.

Q3. Despite being married and a mother to a fantastic kid, how did you maintain balance between personal and writing life?

Ans. No one can really balance it in the true sense. A lot depends upon what you prioritise. I prioritized the kid. So I get up very early to stet those three hours when he is sleeping; and again get back to work after sending him to school.

( har maa ki yahi kahani….. teri meri kahani, sabki yahi kahani… 😀 😛 ) 

Q4. Did you own a blog? If yes, then what your blog is about?

Ans. No

Q5. What difficulties you faced while writing your first book? In addition, did those mistakes helped while writing second one.

Ans. My first book was an academic analysis of actor Shah Rukh Khan’s work and life. It is titled Power of a Common Man. I didn’t face much difficulty there; just that I drowned myself to studying and researching and pushed my brain endlessly to find new insights and interpretations. It was an intellectually taxing period, but every time I completed a chapter I felt elated.

Q6. What did you find most challenging about “Fall Winter collections”?  

Ans. Fiction is a different ball game altogether. I think the most challenging for me was to carve out the character of an orthodox sculptor who has earned worldwide recognition but nurtures an emotional deficiency somewhere in his heart. Also, since I am not a Rajasthani, I had to research a lot to fix those details I wrote to design a family.

Q7. How did you define “writing Block”. Did you ever suffer writing block while working on both your books?

Ans. When a cricketer doesn’t perform over a period, you call him “out of form”! “Writer’s block” is an author’s “out of form”. It’s nothing more than a bad day or a bad phase at work. And it never lasts.

( je baat… likh lo, aisa kuch nahi hota,, bekar afwaah failaate log :/ :/ ) 

Q8. Before “power of a common man” and now “Fall winter collections”. How do you come up with such unique and interesting plots? Are these inspired from real life incidents or a result of research and imagination of a talented writer?

Ans. Creativity is always inspired by life. I wrote Power of a Common Man because I wanted to give something extra to my students; also I wanted to explain to someone like my mother, who apparently has nothing to do with Consumer Behaviour studies, what is the line of work and academics that I have represented for the last 10 years.

Fall Winter Collections was always there in my mind. When I was doing my graduation in Santiniketan, I was exposed to Kala Bhavan, the department of art and crafts. I stopped and looked at the statues created by Ramkinkar Baij endlessly. A sculptor was there in my mind since then.

Q9. What points you keep in mind while writing a book to make its content a best one?

Ans. With Power of a Common Man, I had a list of chapters that I wanted to write. With Fall Winter Collections I went with the flow. When I wrote my first chapter and then the second, I had no idea where the story is going or if at all there is a story! It has actually turned out to be a journey rather than a story, from one December to the next. Authors are often emotional with their words and write whatever comes to mind. An editor puts it to perspective. My editor Gita Rajan from Niyogi Publishers did a marvellous job with my manuscript.
Q10. Your latest book is based on the story of a sculptor. Give a brief about the book?

Ans. Artists, whether from visual or performing art, goes through myriad emotions. They have unthinkable sources of inspiration and their mode of communication is non-verbal. When a sculptor works on a statue, he leaves a lot of symbols or codes for you. Through those codes he communicates with you, even if he is not present at the moment when you are trying to interpret his creations. The relationship between an artist and his audience thus is very mystic. Unfortunately in India, art as a profession comes with many social and personal prejudices. I have tried to touch upon all these points in the book, which is otherwise a simple love story set in Santiniketan.
Q11. Finding a good publisher is the most difficult task for writers these days. Would you like to give some advice on how to choose a good publisher for their book?

Ans. You can’t really do much about it. Even if you convince a publisher to take up your book, the content goes for a toss if wavelengths don’t match. Communicating might help but publishers are ready to talk only when they are convinced about the sales potential of the book. So I’d advice, instead of running behind publishers, ensure that your book has those hooks which makes it an object of interest for more people than you. The pull, either in publishing industry or with the audience, then happens automatically with some marketing efforts.
Q12. Tips you would like to give to aspiring writers.

Ans. Write whatever comes to your mind, but make sure it is not out of context. Make sure you find your context before you’ve found your plot!
Q13. Write a 100 word drabble using the following words- marriage & bachelor. (No thinking, write instantly whatever comes to your mind).

Ans. If you have an independent mind, it doesn’t matter whether you are married or a bachelor. Just be careful that you don’t choose in your life an unfair marriage or frustrating bachelorhood.

Q15. How do you feel after becoming a mother? Enjoying motherhood?  

Ans. Becoming a mother is a life altering experience for every woman. A lot of additional things I am doing now started after the birth of my son. Earlier I was just earning money. Watching him trying to get his own grip of life, in innocence and beauty, perhaps made me a different person. I felt I can die as a no one, but my son’s mom can’t!

( i agree, beta bhi to awesome hai,,,, i love you kid 🙂 🙂 ) 

1. Artist or Politician – Artist

  1. Mumbai or Kolkatta– Kolkata
  2. Husband or kid – Both

  3. Your thinking spot– my window-side

  4. Name two things from your living room which define your personality– my paintings and photographs of my mom and my in-laws

  5. Your dumbest purchase till date– an expensive blue dress which made me feel that I’ll transform into Deepika Padukone ( hahahahha….. deepika 😛 😛 ) 

  6. Favorite author and genre– Rabindranath Tagore; he wrote everything

  7. Indian or Western– Indian ( shuddh desi bahu 😛 😛 ) 

  8. Suppose if for one day, you could borrow a genius brain, whose brain you would like to borrow- Sachin Tendulkar’s ( hainnn :O :O :O )

  9. One thing your kid is best in – organizing things back after he has finished playing with them. ( btao, abhi se intelligent 😛 🙂 ) 

  10. Are you a day/night writer– early morning

  11. Most expensive thing you’ve got till date– some sari’s which I inherited. They belonged to my grandmom and are still exceptionally well maintained. They’re priceless.

  12. If given a chance to invent, what would you like to invent– a robot house-help

( hahahaha…… har maa ki yahi ek khwahish 😛 ) 

  1. What writer you want your biography to be written– only an artist can write my biography.
  • What is the craziest question you’ve been asked till date– did you husband ghost-write your books? (He is an acclaimed author in the publishing world. His name is Tuhin A. Sinha) ( btao… kya sawaal hai.. yeh duniya nahi sudhregi :/ :/ ) 


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    A picture from her recently launched book ” Fall Winter collections” at Title waves, Mumbai. 🙂 🙂 🙂


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