Time to meet another beautiful soul. She is the perfect one. Perfect in everything. In terms of writing, she is perfect in language, grammar etc. But imperfect in speaking hindi. ( hehhe) . A doctor by profession and writer by heart.  Meet Sasi Prabha PS. ( Sasi Ma’am). Kerela chi mulgi 😛 🙂 And yes, a perfect guide she is and a perfect friend. 🙂

Happy Reading 🙂 🙂 🙂

Q1. Describe Sasiprabha in five words.

Ans. Author, dreamer, Doctor, learner & orator.

Q2. Being a doctor by profession, how did you maintain balance between your profession and writing?

Ans. I’m writer first and then doctor. If you’re asking me about balancing the time, I say it’s possible. If you’re asking about balancing the vibes and zeal, I say it isn’t a cake walk. But I love both the roles as one is gifted, the other is earned and both are divine. When I find it hard to move them parallel, I take a break from one and concentrate on the other, albeit infrequent.

( aap toh great ho… 😛 🙂 ) 

Q3. Did you want to become a writer from childhood or is there any specific reason which turned you to a writer?

Ans. I have never dreamed of becoming a writer someday, though I used to scribble in childhood. But nobody, even me, counted that seriously beyond a childhood fancy. Having a brilliant academic background I was soon caught up in the general boom of medical-engineering entrance mania of first order students in Kerala. Both reading and writing faded into memories. It was after final year in college that I started scribbling again. That too wasn’t a deliberate attempt to write, but simply as posts on social media. But gradually they gained me a group of readers who helped me to discover the writer in me and inspired me to get published.

( medical padhai ka keher ne writer bana dia 😛 😛 ) 

Q4. Grammar is the toughest part while writing a story or a book but you have mastered it. You have a good command over literature and grammar. How this magic happened?

Ans. Owning language and grammar isn’t magic for writer but necessity. I don’t understand why we tend to call it magic. Language is the tool of a writer; the basic tool. How are the writers supposed to express their imagination without good language? And grammar helps us to use the language proficiently.

If I do not know something, I never give an excuse for it but I try to learn it. English is not my mother tongue, but I love to write in English. So I learnt it; still learning. That ain’t any magic.

( learning english :O :O :O aaj tak hume dhokhe me rakha, hum soche ki hindi nahi aati par yah toh … :O :O ) 

Q5.  Your first book, ‘My Moonlit Pilgrimage’ put light on all youth experiences like love, ecstasy, betrayal, divinity, varied reasons and kinds of uneasiness related. What do you think, how could the readers easily relate to it?

Ans. Every human around us goes through all those raw emotions at least once in life. So the readers could easily ride the wave of words, I believe.

Q6. Your readers are waiting for your next book to be out in market soon. When is it coming? What does its plot say? A small hint please. 

Ans. It has been long since I started my second novel. I’m a hopeless combination of slow-paced writer and procrastinator. So I can’t say when and how it would be coming out. I just hope to complete the first draft soon.

It’s of genre symbolism, as much as I understood it so far, and I can’t specifically talk about the plot now as it’s in progress without a blueprint. I can’t build a story. It just grows once I begin from nothing.

Q7. You have contributed stories in many anthologies and all are masterpiece. How does it feel when people appreciate you for your work?

Ans. To be honest, I’m such a kind of writer who is never confident about own work. My friends know it well as it annoys them. In the middle of writing something I sometimes feel that I’m writing crap and then to continue, I need affirmation from a friend that it isn’t as bad as I think of it! (laughs) So the first emotion that any appreciation triggers in me is embarrassment; a kind of doubt if I really deserve it. Beyond that small phase of inadaptation, they are potent source of inspiration for me, fuelling my desire to write more and more.

( kaha se aaye ho… isi gola ke ho ki naahi… 😛 ) 
Q8. All your status updates are always unique. All different from the last one. How do these ideas strike your mind? Is it the effect of your profession or I should say that south Indians are intelligent?

Ans. Ideas are the off-springs of curiosity. I’m unusually curious by nature. From childhood itself. May be that’s what makes me observe, read and think about anything I come across. It has nothing to do with my profession.

And I’m not sure how factual is a generalization about the intelligence of South Indians. Personally, I’ve felt that South Indians, especially Keralites are more critical by nature than Northerners.

( aap mahaan ho… _/_ ) 

Q9. Amongst all the books you have read, which one is your favorite and why?

Ans. Forever favorite is ‘Merchant Of Venice.’ That is the first book I ever tried to read in childhood, even before started learning the language. The unrecognizable alphabets all over its pages had ignited my craving to learn English and read and understand it someday.
Q10. Do you own a blog? If yes, what is the name and what is it about? If no, then why not. You are a fantastic writer.

Ans. No, I don’t own a blog. I write as a guest blogger on demand at times. I haven’t started a blog on my own as I doubt I mayn’t be able to update it regularly due to scarcity of time.
Q11. What is your genre and style of writing and why?

Ans. I’m not genre specific. I love to attempt all genres. Readers and reviewers have pointed out that my style is more of classic than contemporary. I believe that is due to my reading habit. I’m an ardent lover of classics.

Q12. Tips you would like to give to aspiring writers.

Ans. I don’t think I’ve any useful tips for aspiring writers as we’re in an era when people want to become authors just for the sake of publicity and a writer is all about hype, money and cheap gimmicks. Talent is out of the scene. Their role models are not brilliant writers but brilliant marketers.

If there are any who still choose to be out of this dirt ‘coz writing truly is their passion, I would love to share with them what I follow – Writing is an art. Like any other art, it’s developed by sincerely doing it a lot. Other ways we seek for adulation won’t help you in the long run. When the churning settles only those with true quality will survive.

Q13. Write a 100 word drabble using the following words- chair & stethoscope.

Ans. The young mother watched in amazement as I struggled to balance my chair to reach up to her little boy while keeping up a childish conversation with him sprinkled with the examination questions and checking his heart beats in between. As he reached for my stethoscope, twisting its tube in a sudden snatch, I moved it down my neck, wiped the ear pieces and gently put them in his ears.‘Can you hear my heart beats?’ I smiled at his baffled face, pressing the chest piece between my ribs.

His face lit up and voice boomed out. ‘Mummy.. It’s like the clock in our room.’


  1. Sydney Sheldon or Paulo Coelho– Paulo Coelho
  2. Coffee or black tea– Coffee
  3. Mumbai or Kerala – Mumbai
  4. Your thinking spot– Terrace under night sky
  5. Name two instruments from your profession which define your personality- Pen and Stethoscope
  6. Your dumbest purchase till date– Paneer Butter Masala ( yeh bhi koi kahreedta hai :O :O ) 
  7. What makes you uncomfortable at work – humidity
  8. The number of medical books in your room.( don’t count, be honest)- 15, may be. ( bas… :O :O :O ) 
  9. Suppose if for one day, you could share a genius brain, whose brain you would like to share- Sherlock Holmes
  10. Are you superstitious– No ( ha, dar kaahe lage, aap is gola ke nahi ho :/ :/ ) 
  11. Are you a day/night writer– Night writer
  12. Most expensive thing you’ve got till date– Mom’s old collection of books.
  13. If given a chance to invent, what would you like to invent- Disposable clothes
  14. Ink or pencil- Ink
  15. What is the weirdest question you’ve been asked till date– Can you please write the conversations and situations for a short film of which I’m the script writer?

( hahahahahahahahaha… 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 ) 


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