Struggle. !!!

An eight-letter word which loves me more than anything in this world and somehow, now I have started to reciprocate no matter how tough it is. Because in the end, it leaves me with a lesson for a lifetime.

Just after the long weekend which was ruined very badly, I am back to my room sitting comfortably in my favorite corner of the bed with one hand resting on my table placed towards the right. I am badly affected by a disease called “overthinking” I have a habit to overthink each and everything. Sometimes it helps and sometimes it doesn’t. However, I won’t call it overthinking; instead, I would love to call it introspection.

And as I introspect the graph of my life, it comes out that I had more downs as compared to ups. My life hasn’t been stable since birth. And it’s not stable even till date.

Sometimes it feels immense bad to have had such bad experiences. Being a single child, losing parents at an early age, failed relationships, failed friendships, made fun of my passion, being judged by people for numerous reasons etc. But then I get up, pat my back and go for some shopping. After all, it’s a tedious task and I have been doing it for years. Managing their lives so well is not everyone’s cup of tea. And I have been doing it so fantastically since so many years.

But on the other hand, I thank god for such experiences. If I too had a normal life like others then I would have been following the rat race of working in an MNC, making huge bank balance, marrying a rich handsome guy with no passion etc, etc. These struggles have taught me the real meaning of life. I have learned to embrace the beauty of nature which I never did earlier.

I am different in many ways. My way of living and thinking doesn’t go well along with a lot of people including family and friends. But I don’t care. Because this is my life and I want to design it my way.

Additionally, I am not a traveler but I aspire to be one. I want to travel the world in order to see the beauty of nature and experience it in its purest form. Be it mountains, beaches, jungles, historical places etc. Sharing some pictures ( call it stories please) of my recent trip to Bikaner, Deshnok, and Pushkar which I managed to capture. These small trips have helped my mind to open to new things and have helped me say a yes to the world.

Let me share few lines which my cousin told a few days back.

its okay if no one understands you. It’s okay if you do not live your life according to them. Maybe your life would be a bed of roses if you live according to them and a bed of thorns if you decide to live it your way. But in the end, when we die, we all are answerable to ourselves and at that time I will be happy with a bed of thorns because at least I will be satisfied that I lived my life the way I wanted and I am dying with no regrets”.

This is my new mantra for life and yes, I aspire to travel the world, write stories, be a good storyteller and be a new brand new person with all my desires fulfilled. In order to make it happen, say yes to life and this world.

Junagarh Fort, Bikaner

Rampuria Haveli, Bikaner

Pushkar lake, Pushkar

Aren’t these places beautiful and gives you a major travel inspiration. The world is a beautiful place to live in. #Sayyestoworld

Watch the complete video here-

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