Richa is  a 25-year-old  girl from Jaipur  and Saurav is  a boy aged 26 years from Udaipur working in a private company. They both were in relation till six long years and both loved each other madly.  At their workplace, people were jealous as they shared a very strong bonding and loved each other madly.

How cute it is to see a couple who is mad for each other. But, as you know a coin has two sides. This happiness is one side of the coin. The other part of the coin is  still left.

On their sixth anniversary, Richa decided to tell their families about their relation, as now they could get married and live happily ever after. But Saurav didn’t agree. He told Richa not to tell the parents now as it is not the right time. But Richa was very firm with her decision.

Richa without informing Saurav, told her parents about everything and planned a meeting at a nearby hotel. Since, Richa’s family was broad-minded and was not an orthodox one therefore,  her parents agreed. After all, what matters to a parent is their child’s happiness. Richa texted Saurav about the venue and timings.As soon as Saurav reached hotel and saw Richa and her family waiting for him he understood everything. And what happened next, no body could ever imagine & no girl want this to happen in her life ever.

Saurav clearly told Richa in front of her parents that he cannot marry her as his parents will not agree. He did love her from the bottom of her heart but could not marry her.

This left Richa shattered. She felt shivers down her spine. She could not believe her ears  that Saurav; the love of her life, could say all this. Tears rolled down her eyes. She could not stop herself from crying. She felt cheated. How could he say this to her after being with him till so long.

Richa gathered her strength and slapped Saurav , shouted on him and ordered him to leave the place now and not to show his face again.

How sad..!!! It feels so shattered when he/she faces a heartbreak.

But Richa is not the one who faced this type of situation. There are many others who  have faced /facing similar situation.

Falling in love and then being in a relation is a good thing. In fact,  love is the most wonderful thing in this world. People who are in love know what magic it creates. Lucky are those who have found their true love and are living happily ever after. But, everybody is not that much lucky.

In these type of situation what one need to understand is that, loving someone is not wrong. No doubt, love your partner unconditionally, love him from your soul. Be mad for him. But remember,  never lose your identity in a relation that you become a time pass for somebody. Rather than being a time pas for somebody, preferably,  be a girl who becomes a reason for someone to live in this world.

Never ever compromise with your self-respect. Learn to let go.

Learn to let go off things that are not benefiting to you in any way. It is hard to let go off things that hurt you so much once but to save yourself from falling into the drain filled with trash which will give you nothing except tears and heartaches.

Also, be careful when you enter a relation. After all, no one can care about you more than yourself.

Be the sunshine of your own life. and live every moment happily and to its fullest.

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