Promotion plays an important role in getting your brand in front of public and helps in attracting new customers. There are various methods to promote your product. Regardless of the type of product, a strong promotional strategy can help in improving the position of your product and also improves your company’s position bringing it to the limelight. Although there are many ways of promotion, however, social media remains favorite amongst all.

Social media such as Facebook, Google, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest offer companies to promote their products. This is the best kind of marketing as these social media is being used over by millions of people. This gives your product a platform to be viewed by millions of people. Also, social media helps in lessen the gap between the customer and company helping to improve the image of the company along with the product.

Amongst all such mediums, viralwoot is also a good platform for marketing your product. It provides a platform for Pinterest users to publicize their product to a larger number of people in an easy and simplified way.  Founded in 2013, Viralwoot, is a complete Pinterest marketing & management suite to help you grow your Pinterest reach, promote, publish & manage Pinterest content, monitor growth, get Pinterest insights and engage influencers through easily trackable campaigns. Over 70,000 marketers and businesses (including Buzzfeed, Alibaba, Shopify, Trivago etc) in 43 countries use Viralwoot.

Viralwoot offers the following features

Flexible Scheduling

  • Upload images from over 21 integrated apps including Instagram and Twitter.
  • Quickly find great pins on Pinterest to repin, or repin your own content.
  • Connect an RSS feed for time-saving automation.
  • Search for images on Google and pin them without leaving ViralWoot.


  • Keep your Pinterest presence active with a full schedule of pins.
  • Let ViralWoot’s Smart Engine decide the optimum posting schedule based on your audience.
  • Connect an RSS feed for time-saving automation.
  • Stay flexible. Add Pins to your queue with specific times set for publication.
  • Work efficiently in multiple time zones. ViralWoot accounts can have multiple Pinterest accounts, each with their own independent time zone.

Save Time

  • Quickly schedule Pins whenever and wherever you find them on the web.
  • Get an overview of scheduled Pins with monthly and weekly calendar views.
  • Connect an RSS feed for time-saving automation.
  • Manage Pins from one central location

Fast and Easy

  • Promote your profile, boards, and pins.
  • Just paste your link and start getting exposure .
  • Viewers can choose to repin or follow you.
  • A natural and organic way to increase your following and reach.

Simple and Effective

  • Earn credits by following board and pinners or repining.
  • Buy extra credits to put yours to promotional efforts on steroids.
  • Connect an RSS feed for time-saving automation.

Use t Influence Score

  • One clear number that makes sense.
  • Discover what you need to do to boost your Pinterest presence .
  • Straightforward explanations of activities that are easy to execute.
  • these credits whenever you like as they don’t expire.


Data and Statistics

  • Track basic data for all your boards including group boards.
  • Monitor the number of followers, pins, repins and likes in a spreadsheet-like table that you can sort for better insight.
  • Observe important metrics such as follow ratio and comments plus activity like average repins, average likes and pins per day.


  • Learn the best days and times to pin, and what colors work best.
  • Figure out what you need to avoid your account getting flagged as spam.
  • Check your boards’ SEO level so you can increase your search impressions and traffic.
  • Discover trending keywords on Pinterest so you can take advantage of this sudden burst of interest.

Website Insights

  • Find out what content on your website gets pinned the most and learn what really resonates with your audience.
  • Discover current trends about what is getting pinned from your site so you can focus on what’s popular.
  • See the top Pinners from your site or your competitor’s site so you know where to prioritize your outreach efforts.

Create and Manage Boards and Pins

  • Create a Pinterest board with all the necessary information.
  • Edit Pinterest board details like board name, description, category, and privacy .
  • Select one or multiple Pins to edit in bulk their description, link and the board to which they belong.

Drip Pinning

  • Refresh your old pins to give them additional exposure.
  • Select board and number of drips a day – start republishing pins.
  • You can even set the system to republish old content and delete old pins.

Campaign Management

  • Quickly create campaigns and contests to encourage pinners to spread your brand on Pinterest.
  • Find the right type of influencer that matches your campaign.
  • Manage influencer tasks and payments through one single platform.

Viralwoot due to  its easy to use promotion strategy is being helpful for over 70,000 publishers, brands and agencies by driving them more revenue through its inbuilt Pinterest marketing tools & applications.

Hence, download viralwoot today and enjoy growing your business. For more details you can contact at-

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In addition, the company has also developed an app. You can also download the app for much convenient use.

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