In this busy scenario, everybody is running behind her dreams. Everybody wants to reach on the top. Everybody wants to be the best. Everybody wants to be praised. However, in achieving heights everybody has forgotten our inner self. Everybody has always overheard what your soul wants to say to you.

Sit back and think, whenever you take an important decision, your inner soul gives you a hint whether it will we fruitful to you or not. However, you are in so much hurry to achieve height that you overhear it. Moreover, yes, sometimes there are no second chances. In childhood, whenever you did something wrong your parents used to scold you and correct you thousand times. However, they were your parents and this is your soul. It does not shout whenever you take a wrong step in life. It only shakes you for a second, tells his opinion, then vanishes, and leaves you to decide.

Life is very precious. Do not lose it for some silly stupid things or decisions. Listen to your inner voice. Hear the voice of your soul. It never says anything wrong. You can deny soul’s opinion at that moment because you didn’t feel it was correct but I bet that in the end you have to suffer for not listening to your inner voice whether you accept it or not.

So, in order to have a successful and happy lifestyle, follow the following simple steps once in a week and see the results. I am sure you will not regret giving time to yourself.

  1. Select a day. It can be any day amongst seven days of the week.
  2. Sit in a peaceful place. It can be either room or corner of your home where you find peace.
  3. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath and rest for two minutes.
  4. Start summarizing your day/week (if you are doing it once a week). Imagine your soul as another person sitting in front, hearing you.
  5. Spill out all your secrets, good work, bad work, or ask questions that need suggestions.
  6. Evaluate yourself for every thing you spoke. If you did something good, your soul will make you feel happier and suddenly you will feel lighter. If you did something wrong, your soul will scold you and you will feel somewhat heavy and if you need suggestions, your soul will give you the best of all.
  7. After you have completely, again rest for two minutes, then slowly open your eyes, and see the magic it created.
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